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Waverly the Fluff-Back Whale

Waverly the Fluff-Back Whale

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Waverly is a product of experimentation and procrastination, her incredibly fluffy back is made from a fabric off-cut I bought years ago and discovered recently during a tidy up.

She may look like she belongs on Sesame Street, but she really just wants to come and live with you!

Available in large and calf size, there is only one of each and I won't be making more from this fabric or in this colour. 

As with all my friends, Waverly is filled with stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. Large Waverly repurposes the equivalent of 60 bottles, while calf Waverly contains 30. 


Large: L 60cm W 15cm H 20cm

Calf: L 30cm W 10cm H 15cm

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