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Olive the Orange Bellied Parrot

Olive the Orange Bellied Parrot

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Olive is an Orange Bellied Parrot, incredibly endangered but full of hope!

Calling Melaleuca, Tasmania home for the summer she then takes the rather perilous journey across the Bass Strait to coastal Victoria and South Australia to keep her little toes warmer during the winter.

As one of the most endangered species in Australia, Olive marks the beginning of our 'friends of friends of the sea' collection, opening ourselves up to appreciate our pals who may not call the ocean home, but face a similar struggle to exist due to the destruction of their environment and humans being a bit crap.

Olive is made from primarily 100% Merino Wool Felt, has a fluffy orange tum to pat and is stuffed with recycled PET derived from plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfill or our waterways. Each Olive repurposes the equivalent of 10 bottles.

Like most bird species, she is less brightly coloured than Owen; her male counterpart, but she's just as impressive.

Her wings can be inverted to put her in 'flight mode' and move freely from the sides of her body for maximum flapping fun.

Safe for children of all ages.


Body/wings/tail: 100% Merino Wool Felt

Orange Belly: Polyester

Eyes: Glass/plastic safety eyes

Fill: Recycled PET


Height: 20cm

Width: 15cm

Weight: 120g

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